1- Beware of the curtains! We often forget how important curtains are in characterizing environments: they can completely change the atmosphere and the color of the light that illuminates the environment. Prefer light and light curtains and, if the shape of the window allows it, mount them to the ceiling to increase the perceived height of the room.

2- The rule of three colors. Rainbows are beautiful, but at home they only create confusion: choose three colors (possibly two neutral and one brighter) to give color coherence to your home.

3- The winning contrast. Over time, a monochromatic house becomes flat and boring: play with contrasts to give personality to the rooms or highlight some unique focal points of your property. But without forgetting the golden rule of the three colors!

4- Rugs, carpets and rugs. To add warmth and style to your home, don’t forget to place the rugs: the color of the rug should always be thought of in relation to the floor it will be on. For example, if your floor has a very flat and cold color to “warm it” you can use a carpet with warm tones. Conversely, on a yellow-tinged wood floor you could place a carpet in cold tones (gray or blue).


The right color is essentially what makes us feel good. It would be a mistake to choose a color just to follow a fashion even if this does not convince us completely. For example, if the color you have chosen is very bright or dark, it is advisable to use it wisely only for accessories or details: avoid painting entire walls with orange or dark purple because the result would be a dark and noisy space that, instead of giving you joy and serenity, it oppresses you and tires you very soon. Rather choose to decline it in an armchair or rug and combine it with more neutral and relaxing colors.


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