How To Keep Your Pool Clean All Summer


If you own a swimming pool, maintaining it can be a hard task especially in summers. If you have to keep your pool always ready to use with crystal clear water maintaining it can be difficult. Moreover, you need to maintain your pool by keeping it clean all the time just like the way you keep your house and car maintained. Pools are a source of fun and entertainment with your friends and family especially in summers therefore, you need to keep it clean daily. Hence, usage of pools is much more in summers as compared to winters, so you need to keep them clean all the time to prevent much expensive maintenance in the future. 

Following are the tips on how to keep your pool clean all summer.


Owning a pool is cool but maintaining it can be hard sometimes. To keep the pool clean you need to clean the debris and other things regularly. There is a skimmer and skim basket placed on the edge of the pool. To keep the water clean you need to skim the surface of the pool before debris, leaves, insects are drenched and lie on the surface. If they are left unskimmed they can make the water dirty. Moreover, the skimmer should be effective enough to skim particles from the surface of the pool. Hence, make sure you skim regularly to keep your pool clean all summer.

Keep a check on the balance of pool water

To keep the pool water clean, you need to keep a check on the balance of pool water and need to adjust them accordingly. In summers, you need to check your pool water chemistry twice or thrice a week. This can be done by maintaining the pH level, alkalinity, and sanitizer level of your pool water. To have a safe experience your pool water pH should be in the range of 7.2 to 7.8. It determines how acidic the water is and how much chlorine is required. The alkalinity of your pool water should be in the range of 100 to 150 ppm. Moreover, the sanitizer level determines how much sanitizer should be added to keep the water clean. Hence, you need to check the balance of the pool water constantly to keep it clean.

Prevent algae

Algae is not something you would want to see in your pool. Keep your pool clean to prevent algae. Cleanliness is an enemy of algae, on the other hand, a dirty place is a home for algae. Therefore, you need to make sure that your pool is maintained and clean all the time to prevent algae, especially in summers. Moreover, if you have algae without giving a thought get it cleaned by pool maintenance canberra workers or by using an algaecide. However, algae are something that cannot be ignored and requires proper treatment.

Mentioned above are a few tips on how to keep your pool clean all summer. To own a pool is cool but maintaining one is hard. To keep your pool water clean use a skimmer and skimmer basket to prevent debris, the chemistry should be balanced and keep it safe from algae. These tips will help you to maintain your pool and keep it clean all summer.



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