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Niche Marketing Basics – Elrom Design


Niche Marketing Basics

Category: Marketing, SEO

Niche Marketing strategy is all about being found. The internet is a vast place. Many of the topics are quite vast too. Niche Marketing is about narrowing down what you are trying to sell or talk about to the point where your “voice” could possibly be heard in the vast sea of the internet.

The first concern of niche marketing is the marketing aspects. If you just want to find a Niche to be “popular” in that is doable, but it is not Niche Marketing. The marketing part means that their should be a solid potential for profit within the Niche. Generally potential Niches come from only a few generalized categories: Health, Wealth and Relationships. Most narrow niches that fall under these three broad categories can easily be expected to be Profitable Niches.


The Health category covers a lot of ground. It includes all forms of diet niches from Grapefruit diet to the South Beach diet. It includes all forms of exercise and weight-loss niches, both of which can be very lucrative. Then it includes all forms of actual health issues that people deal with, from prevention, to curing to living with the myriad health issues that constantly plague many people


The Wealth category includes any topic that that covers the acquisition, retention or growth of wealth. It covers everything from debt relief to real estate issues to insurance. This article actually falls within this niche. Niche Marketing is a vibrant and competitive sub niche of internet marketing


Relationships cover most of the emotional aspects of peoples lives. It could be trying to get someone a date. Help them keep/please or marry the partner they have. It could cover any of thousands of family issues. This topic covers a wide variety of issues and hits people in a place where no price tag can cover; their heart.

Narrow Niches:

Once a Niche category is decide upon it is time to narrow the niche. Once it has been narrowed, narrow it again. This is the whole point of being in a niche, you want to have something that has a significant amount of traffic and potential customers, but there is also a need to be low enough competition so that the marketer can actually stand out and be found.


Once all the narrowing is done the actual work of making the content begins. Since the desire is to stand out, it is important that prospective niche markers full understand the Basics of SEO before they begin. Knowing how Organic SEO can drive customers to your doorstep for free is an important part of the equation for ultimate success in niche marketing.