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Conversion Rate Optimization for Beginners

Conversion rate optimization also known as CRO can be described as the systematic process of enhancing the percentage of visitors to a website who perform the desired action. This means that they can be becoming clients, filling out forms etc. The entire process involves comprehending how people navigate your website, the kind of actions they take as well as what prevents them from achieving the goals you set.

What is a Conversion?

Conversion is a term that describes the completion of site goals by visitors. These goals are in different sizes and shapes. For instance, websites that sell products are interested in users making purchases. However, it should be noted that there are small conversions that occur prior to users completing the main goal (macro-conversion). A good example of a smaller goal is visitors signing up in order to receive emails. These goals are referred to as micro-conversions.

  • Macro-conversions may include subscription to a service, requesting for quotes, purchasing products from sites etc.
  • Micro-conversions may include addition of a product to the cart, creating accounts, signing up to mailing lists etc.

Conversion rate

The conversion rate of a website is the frequency at which users complete goals that have been divided by site traffic. This means that if a single user converts in every visit, the number of conversions should be divided by the total number of sessions. A session refers to the number of unique instances that a user visits a website.

CRO benefits to SEOs

The following are some ways by which conversion optimization benefits SEO:

Better client insights

Conversion rate optimization assists in providing a better understanding of the main audience of a website. It also helps in determining the kind of messaging or language that communicates to the target audience. This is because its main function is to find the ideal customers for a business. In any case, getting more people to your website is not beneficial if they do not promote it (the right kind).

Better return on investment (ROI)

Higher conversion rates require good utilization of the available resources. This means that if businesses study exactly how to maximize on their acquisition efforts, they are bound to get higher conversions. The best part about it is that they can do this without bringing in additional potential clients.

Improved scalability

Conversion rate optimization allows business to grow without deficiency in prospective customers and resources. Audiences are never infinite. This means that a business can grow by turning more browsers into buyers and not run out of potential clients.

Improved user experience

Improving user experience is a huge benefit to SEO and Online Marketing as a whole. Whenever users feel sophisticated and smart on a website, they automatically become regulars. Conversion optimization studies the things that work best on websites. This means that business will be able to take advantage of what works for them, expand on them for an improved user experience. Generally, users that feel empowered by a website tend to engage with it regularly and some might even become loyal to the brand.

Enhanced trust

For most users to share their email, credit card information or other kinds of personal information, trust for the website is vital. Remember, your website is the leading the sales person for any business. This means that your website should be courteous, professional and prepared to respond to answer questions from clients.

More Risks

Sometimes, online marketing is about taking some risks. Conversion optimization encourages businesses to take some risks, to experiment and to attempt new things. Because A/B testing is currently considered to be easily controlled and very safe, it eliminates chances of damage and lacks a long-lasting effect on a website. This means that businesses are free to experiment as they see fit without causing harm to their revenue or visitors. Such risk can result in a dramatic increase in the happiness of the visitors to a website.


Conversion optimization significantly helps with SEO. It allows you to identify the elements that increase the amount of time that visitors normally spend on your website. This will decreases the frequency of bounce rates hence better ranking in Google. The ultimate result is that you are likely to outrank your competition.


For conversion rate optimization to happen successfully, it is vital to know who to optimize for, exactly what to optimize for and where to optimize. These are the main areas of focus for successful conversion optimization strategies to be realized.


Conversion optimization involves testing numerous factors on business websites before it can help in improving its revenue. The above insightful information shows that it has numerous benefits and should be adopted by any competitive business.