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What Are Some Reasons to Use Solar Power for Your Business?

The use of solar power has really picked in the last few years. This has been made possible by the development of better solar panels. In addition, there is a growing awareness of the importance of solar power. There are many reasons a business should consider using solar power.


Can lead to More Customers

There has been a growing sensitivity about global warming. As a result, a good number of people now advocate for the use of solar power. If a person is a firm believer in renewable energy, they might take a liking to a business that uses solar power. This could lead to higher sales as customers are attracted by the use of solar power.

Tax Incentives

The solar panels are highly subsidized by the government. In addition to these, various states have different incentives, which one qualifies for if they use solar power. This could be a great opportunity to make some awesome savings for the business. This is probably the best reason any business should consider using solar power.

Insulation from Grid Failures

Although this rarely ever occurs, if it did happen, a business could lose a lot of money if they do not have enough fuel for a backup generator. Besides that, the backup generator could consume a lot of fuel, which could lead to huge losses for the business. In addition, if one were to generate excess power from their solar panels from Talco Electronics they could feed it into the grid. This could also be an opportunity to make some extra cash.

Protection from Electricity Hikes

This common problem affects businesses. With solar power, one does not have to worry if the power company decides to change their rates. It allows for long term planning.

There are numerous reasons a business should consider using solar power. The greatest advantage with the use of solar power is that it is a sustainable power solution and thus good for business.

How Drones Could Be Used to Find Lost Hikers

The uses of drones continue to grow. Originally, people have used them to take photos or just fly around for fun. However, with time, their uses continue to evolve as the technology continues to evolve. One of their uses can be in search and rescue operations.

How Drones Can Help With Search & Rescue Operations

drone2One of the uses for drones would be in locating the trails of lost hikers. Already there is technology being developed that allows the drone to pinpoint the most likely path hikers followed. Zurich-based scientists are currently working on this technology.

They first used cameras to take images of themselves as they hiked the local mountains. The data was then fed into a program to help it analyze the unique markings people leave behind on a trail. It was found that the quadcopter was more accurate than humans in finding human beings.

Another use for the technology would be in helping the human rescuers. Sometimes, the people carrying out the rescue could themselves be stuck. This software analyzes potentially hazardous routes and tells the rescuers when to avoid them.

More Work May Be Needed

dogThe technology is still in its infancy and needs further development. For one, there is the issue of drone power; most drones still only last for less than half an hour. Another issue that would arise would be cost. If the technology becomes too expensive over time, it would be impractical to use it. This issue can be solved with improved efficiency.

Another niggling issue has been the fact that the drone technology cannot accurately identify a human. As a result, rescuers could potentially end up following the trail of a bear for instance. The software still needs to undergo further training in order to make it better at identifying human targets.

Ideally, the researchers envision a scenario where a swarm of drones is deployed. The collective effort of this individual drones is then analyzed at a central point for accurate results. However, this is only an idea and it may take decades before the drones can be deployed.

Drone technology has seen many uses in the past few years, but so far, it seems that most camera drones such as the ones on Minicopter-JP, are for personal and hobbyist use. It would be great if the scientist could manage to get their idea into practical use. It would definitely help save many lives and reduce the amount of time a person has to spend out there in the woods. The drone could also be fitted with heat sensors to make the task of finding humans easier.

How Coffee Increases Productivity in the Wordplace

Over the past few years, a growing body of work points to the positive effects of drinking coffee daily. This is especially so in the workplace. For one, coffee has been proven to contain antioxidants. These are essential micronutrients, which can help ward off illnesses such as heart disease. For the office, coffee can do wonders. Managers should set up coffee points to reap the benefits of coffee.


Coffee Leads to Creativity

This is one of the known benefits of consuming a cup of coffee. Research from MIT backs this claim that coffee helps people be more creative. It is a nice way to get people thinking and remove the cobwebs from their brains. Creativity in the workplace can lead to new products which can greatly improve the productivity of a workplace. Coffee has been shown to help the mind engage in thinking that is more abstract.

Coffee Keeps the Mind Alert

Sometimes all that is required of an employee is for them to concentrate on their tasks. However, this can be very challenging at times. The office work is repetitive and employees usually find themselves losing concentration. A cup of coffee helps raise the level of alertness at the office tremendously. It can be especially useful in the morning when one has had a sleepless night or is nursing a hangover from the weekend. This translates into more productivity from the employees.

It Makes it Easier to Learn New Concepts

In a workplace, employees will constantly be exposed to training programs that require them to learn many new things. However, this can be a bit challenging for some of them. The coffee has been shown to help stimulate the brain and make the learning process easier.

People who use coffee on a regular basis have been known to grasp new concepts faster and incorporate them into their work. This is one of the best reasons for employees to take coffee. It makes them more productive, thus helping the business grow.

There are many coffee makers and espresso machines on that are available for purchase and are great for office use.

Leads to More Happiness and Health

This has a positive effect on the business. When people are healthier and happier, they are likely to take fewer days off. This will mean that they are also more productive and willing to work towards the company’s objectives.

The positive effects of coffee are undeniable. If anyone wants a quick, easy way to boost productivity in the workplace, nothing works better than a cup of coffee.

New MatterControl Update released at CES 2016

MatterHackers launch the New MatterControl at CES 2016


MatterControl is the brainchild of MatterHackers. This software allows users to manipulate their creations in 3D printing. It is one of the best tools used in the 3D printing industry for home based printers. The software is available free of charge. The company also includes a very detailed instruction manual on their website. The level of customization possible with MatterControl is astounding. Beginners of 3D printing should definitely start with this application. It is quite user-friendly.

Updates to MatterControl

The latest version of their software, the MatterControl T10 was released at the CES 2016. The physical device is more accurate and allows for wireless printing. It also has a higher resolution and is a bit bigger. The most interesting part about this new software is that users can turn 2D images into 3D.

Another great feature is that the interface has become more user-friendly. Even users who are beginners will find it quite easy to work with MatterControl T10. Although the company has yet to release the product, reception from the customers has been warm. Other new features included in their latest device are cloud services. Now, users, have access to a wide array of templates from the cloud.

The MatterControl has really been a revolution. The level of functionality it places in the hands of users is quite important. It will definitely be a major player in the development of 3D printing. It’s also a perfect compliment for the best 3d printer. You can find reviews and news on the latest 3d printers, control software and robotic offers on popular websites like

Still opportunity in 3D printing

MatterHackers has created a niche for itself in 3D printing. This is a sign that there are still numerous opportunities available in this industry. Anyone who is interested in 3D printing does not necessarily have to try to create a printer. What is important is to build on the works of others to help revolutionize the industry. This is what will take 3D printing to new soaring heights. Overall, MatterControl is a very effective solution for 3 D technology.

Conferences We’re Attending this Year

Last year It’s been an honor/privilege speaking at the following conferences:

  • Flex Camp Wall Street – 11/15/2010 – My session: Essential Eclipse plug-ins and tools for Flash Builder developers
  • Adobe MAX – 10/23/2010 – My session: Essential Eclipse plug-ins and tools for Flash Builder developers
  • RIA Unleashed – 11/11/2010 – My session: AIR workshop
  • 360|Flex DC – 8/19/2010 – Flex Data Binding Pitfalls: 10 Common Misuse Mistakes
  • CFUnited – 7/28/2010 – My session: Security Threats in Flex Apps & Flex Data Binding Pitfalls 10 common misuse mistakes
  • FlashAndTheCity event organizer & speaker – 5/14/2010

Additionally I attended Microsoft MIX 2010 thanks to an invite from@thedavedev

Conference season is just around the corner again and this year I am already confirmed to speak at four conferences as well as likely to attend/speak at three more conferences. This year I feel that it’s not as clear as in previous years who’s the “cool kid” on the block and where everything is heading. I believe that although Flash is still used heavily by many companies as the prefer technology when developing certain applications for the web/desktop such as video, charting and others, it did lost some of it’s “cool kid” status. I believe that this year more than ever it’s crucial to attend conferences in order to better understand which way the wind blows.

flash camp israel

  • When: Feb 22, 2011
  • Where: Israel
  • My topic: Developing & Deploying AIR Applications for TV
  • Twitter hashtag: #flashisrael
  • Website:

In Flash Israel 2010 they had a great turn around and completely sold out all tickets, this year it’s bigger and better — more international speakers including full 2 day event. One of the first events after AdobeMAX providing you the opportunity see everything that was announced at AdobeMAX and the great news is that a number of our speakers spoke at AdobeMAX. On a personal level I grew up in Israel I am super excited to be back and meet some fellow developers and talk technology. Almog Koran is doing a great job organizing and I am sure it will be an amazing event once again!

flash camp brazil

Flash Camp Brazil 2010 which is organized by @Demianborba was considered by many as the best Flash Camp ever, unfortunately I missed the event last year. Luckily, I am stocked and lucky to be attending this year. This is one of the most exciting events this year and I am looking forward being part of it especially since I never been in Brazil and always wanted to go. Thanks for putting this event Don’t miss it!


  • When: 14th July, 2011
  • Where: Kansas City
  • My topic: Make your Flex application show some skin
  • Website:
  • Twitter hashtag: #D2WC

Kansas City’s become the home of Dee Sadler‘s annual Designer/Developer Workflow Conference called D2WC. Designer/Developer workflow has become very relevant especially in recent years and I am very excited to be part of this event. Amazing line-up and sessions and I am looking forward to learn and connect with talented designers and fellow developers.


  • When: June 9, 2011
  • Where: New York City
  • My topic: 20 Tips on how to optimize your flash applications
  • Website:
  • Twitter hashtag: #FATC

Flash and the City is a weeklong conference that showcases the most knowledgeable flash experts in the world in the greatest city in the world. By combining the hottest stars in the flash world in the most interesting venues in New York City, FATC completely sold out its first year and as the main organizer I am very excited about this year in term of venue, content and activities.

In addition to these conferences there is a good chance I will be attendingAdobeMAX, RIAUnleashed and Flex Camp Wall Street.

I highly encourage you to check these conferences out and try to attend at least one in 2011. Cheers :)